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White Cowbell Oklahoma’s visit

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The phrase, “just when you think you’ve seen it all” came to my mind on Saturday June 21st.  In this business, we see & meet a very diverse continuous flow of interest people from all corners of the country and even the world.  Have to say though, the over 6 foot tall, very slender man with the big cowboy hat and infectious smile along with his friend sporting pork chop sideburns caught my attention.  They were with three other fellas shopping in the vinyl area mostly.  Obviously, they were not from Sarnia and obviously they looked like they should be in a band.

When they come up to the front counter to make their purchases, the man with the sideburns extended his hand to shake mine and he introduced himself as a close friend of my nephew Jim.   Took me a moment to register who he was.  Oh yeah, my nephew has mentioned he was good friends with a guy in the band WHITE COWBELL OKLAHOMA and here he was in the flesh - in town to play at Paddy Flaherty’s.

If you haven’t heard of WHITE COWBELL OKLAHOMA, you HAVE to check them out - if you enjoy southern rock done Canadian style with a big sense of humour!  Just their band names will crack you up… Blind BBQ Wilson, Chainsaw Charlie (yes he DOES use a chainsaw in their shows), Big Johnny Butterball, South Pawl Jones (my nephew’s friend) and G.M. Safari!

After they paid for their purchases, South Pawl  brought in their newest album on vinyl to have for sale in our store.  It was pressed in Germany while they were touring there. DELUXE IMPORT 180 GRAM, DOUBLE-COLOURED VINYL w/FOUR PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED VINYL-ONLY BONUS TRACKS, DOWNLOAD CARD and NEW ARTWORK.

They were also kind enough to pose for a picture with store mascot Cheeky Charlie.  After they left, we remembered we could have had him holding his cowbell!  Yup he does indeed have one.

If you missed them at Paddy Flaharty’s on Saturday, not to worry, they are back in town about every 6 months.  We HIGHLY recommend getting one of their CD’s, LP’s or seeing them live.


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