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AUDITIONS for Theatre Sarnia’s THE 39 STEPS

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THE 39 STEPS AUDITIONS - NOV. 7 & 8, 7pm
Imperial Theatre Auditorium
SHOW DATES: March 31 - April 8
MAIN BULK OF REHEARSALS: December 2016 - March 2017


Director Ian Alexander, the lunatic behind ‘CineMadness’ and ‘Cinemadventure’ and the award-winning Henri Davis Canino are bringing you the next decent into bonkersville. The 4th show in Theatre Sarnia’s 90th Season is Alfred Hitchcock’s “THE 39 STEPS”. Taking the ol’ classic tale of most spy thrillers, femme fatales, government conspiracies, romance, murder, mayhem in the 1930s with a giant ensemble of eccentric characters… brought to life by 4 (FOUR) energetic comedy powerhouse performers. Frantically switching characters, costumes, set pieces and accents before your eyes, this show is like Monty Python at gunpoint.

ONE MAN - The suave hero
ONE WOMAN - 3 femme fatales
ONE CLOWN - A plethora of characters
ONE CLOWN - Probably too many characters

Preferred age; 20s - 40s, high energy, comedic and improvisational skills are encouraged, accents (good and bad) are needed.


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