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Best day ever! Record Store Day 2015

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With the increasing reliance on the “cloud”, it’s nice to know that some people still relish having a “hard copy” of their data (i.e. music & movies). Record Store Day 2015 was proof we are still relevant.
Over and over throughout the day, people were telling us they were happy to see the day was so successful - and successful it was. Our best day of business EVER! Having said that, we need to thank some of the people who contributed to the day in very big ways …

… All the musicians who have played in our store and provided us CD’s to sell over the years.
Especially Borderlite Trio and Erika & Sara for playing at this years RSD celebration.
… Our amazing friend Maureen Murphy who with all of 5 minutes training from us, stepped in to be an honourary Cheeky Monkey for the day.
… New friend, Pat McGill who was here selling lovely quilted tote bags on behalf of Mukwano Women’s Group of Bujagali Falls Uganda
… The media for the excellent positive coverage they gave.
Barbara @ Sarnia This Week
Carl @ Sarnia Observer
Sarnia Journal
The Show with David Burrows
Blackburn Radio
CBC Radio
Brian Hay blogger on
Arron Sisson of Rock it up Sarnia
Dwayne Cloes - documentarian extraordinaire. (see video below & his other documentary “Last Store Standing” about us by CLICKING HERE)
… Our suppliers big and small, especially Mint Records & Universal Music Canada
… And most important -  YOU - our loyal customers from far and wide. We can not begin to thank you for your continued support.
If we missed anyone, we apologize. We are very fortunate to have so many good friends taking this journey with us.

CLICK HERE to view photos of the day.

DRAW WINNERS… Congratulations to our 2 draw winners…
… Bag # 1 “Spin That Platter” Mystery bag - Michael Gills
… Bag # 2 “The Truth is Out There” Mystery bag - Jeff Beaudoin

Record Store Day at The Cheeky Monkey: Erika and Sara as a Duo Again as Part of a Great Event
Saturday April 18, 2022
by Brian Hay

It’s always a treat to go in the store because the owners, Roland and MaryAnne Peloza, are people who care. It’s an even bigger treat when Erika Sit and Sara Campbell,

musicians they bring in frequently, are around. They didn’t disappoint. In the year that’s passed since first seeing them these young women have gained a wealth of experience that includes working with a full band, a road trip to Nashville to record and chances to work with different musicians. It shows in their work the instant they start playing.

The most obvious thing is that Erika’s vocal delivery is improving in quantum leaps. She glides easily through forming sounds she used to have to strain to achieve. She’s also more comfortable with phrasing and is well on the road to being able to completely take over any material she choses without compromising the integrity of the original. Best of all, she’s managed this without compromise to the intriguing qualities that set her voice apart.

Sara’s playing has more authority all round. Her rhythm work, always strong, has a more percussive aspect that marks the vocal and announces direction changes emphatically. She’s added layers of harmonic ornamentation that fills out their band sound and augmented their instrumental bits deliciously. When she solos, which she does more often now, her rhythm and harmony playing form a complete package that sustains the melody nicely.

Collectively, their dynamic has evolved considerably and it shows in performances of covers and original material. Standards like ‘Ring of Fire’ by Johnny Cash and ‘The Last Kiss’ have more depth and considerably more polish. Their work on originals has gained in the same ways giving them greater refinement and far more dramatic impact. ‘Roulette Wheel’, which they recorded on their road trip to Nashville, increased in scope notably. ‘Words of the Wise’, which they also included, has far more poignancy that before. They, literally, keep getting better and better.

There’s more to Record Store Days than the performances though. They’re a place to catch up with other music lovers and offer a good look at the real face of the arts. Dwayne Cloes, an excellent musician, standout documentary filmmaker and all round good guy, was in shooting footage. He made a film about The Cheeky Monkey last year that should be a must-see for anyone who appreciates the location. His works are concise, brilliantly focused on their subjects and riveting to watch. Tony Barrand, from the Board of Directors of the Sarnia Concert Association was on hand as well. He’s great lover of the arts and as decent an individual as can be found. Erika and Sara are warm, friendly and as nice to approach as they are to hear.

That’s an event with a capital “E”. Hats off to Roland and MaryAnne for hosting it.


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