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July First Friday Fun @ Cheeky Monkey

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Yes it was hot enough to fry an egg on the hood of a car during the July 2012 First Friday.  That fact that didn't stop the Lambton MainStreet Players from performing for over an hour outside in front of Cheeky Monkey.  These young ladies are true musical troopers.  With acoustic instruments of guitars, beatbox and assorted percussion instrments, they entertained the audience with their wonderful harmonies on songs  both current as well as old favorites.  Three of the four were in the line up for last years Lambton MainStreet Players but all have singing and performing experience.  The group consists of Orley Culverhouse, Riley Martin, Sarah Caraher and Amy Mayea.  Helping with set up and running the sound systems in the mostly unseen Jon Rowed.  Watch for them at other upcoming Lambton County events throughout the summer, including perhaps a return performance at Cheeky Monkey. About the same time the ...


THE SHOW w/ David Burrows Episode 35 -feat. LIGHTHOUSE

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THE SHOW w/ David Burrows Feat. The Barnburners

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Each week a new edition of THE SHOW with David Burrows will be posted and archived here for you to enjoy...


The Show w/ David Burrows feat. Cheeky Monkey

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To view other episodes of THE SHOW - look to your right and click on THE SHOW WITH DAVID BURROWS in the CATAGORIES list


Paige Harwood Debut @ Cheeky Monkey

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A new young voice was heard on the Cheeky Monkey outdoor Red Carpet Stage.  Paige Harwood played her debut show on Saturday June 30 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm.  Her low-key, heartfelt style was appreciated by her loyal audience.


Homemade Jam From A Winner’s Point of View

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For the newish summer festivial called HOMEMADE JAM held at Esli Dodge Conservation  Park in Forest, we in conjunction with the organizer had a Facebook contest for 2 FREE tickets and shuttle bus ride.  The winner was Stef Smalls.  She has graciously consented to take pictures for me to post here for your viewing. So let the fun begin... Sound check on the Second Stage.                                             Graham Nichols - first act on the Main stage.                                           Homemade Jam is definately a family friendly Festival located in Elsi Dodge Consertvation Park where there is plenty of room for  the music stages, vendors, audience and even kite flyers!                         The Betty's performed on the Second Stage.  According to Stef  "if you are not here you are missing out!" Sounds like Stef enjoyed the Festival.  In a very short time, the 3rd Annual Homemade Jam Music Festival has made great strides in making this 'must go to' summer event.  Can't wait to ...


Hidden Talents Children Theatre Program

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June 26, 2022 - HIDDEN TALENTS - Childrens Musical Theatre July-August Program www.hiddentalents.ca - For full details All of us at Hidden Talents would like to invite you to join us for an exciting summer. Please note that we have rearranged our calendar to help accommodate summer vacations. The following are a list of programs we will be offering this year: Hidden Talents Since 1995 A musical theatre program for children ages 7 – 15. Hidden Talents was founded to provide a creative outlet for children with an interest in musical theatre. The camp will be packed with fun and educational activities and will end with three live stage productions at the Imperial Theatre. Tiny H. T.’S Since 2003 (We will offer two different sessions this year. You can sign up for both if you wish) A musical theatre program for children ages 4 – 7. This program is ...


Cheeky Charlie’s Fun in the Sun

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Saturday, June 23rd was a beautiful sunny summer day.  The kind that is perfect for grooving to some cool music and Cheeky Charlie knew just the band to fill the need - STEADFAST. Scott, the bass player arrived first and helped set up the Red Carpet Stage outside in front of Cheeky Monkey.  Early afternoon is the perfect time for live music outside the store.  The tree gives just the right amount of shade to those stopping to enjoy the band.  Sometimes the band gets to work on their tan though. Once drummer Gerry and singer/guitairist Leigh arrived, they were set up and entertaining passers-by in no time at all.  Since it was such a beautiful day, many of the people who lingered to listen were riding bikes of one kind or another. STEADFAST played mostly original songs with a few cover tunes thrown in for variety.  Leigh's distinctive vocals are always standout ...


School Comes To Cheeky Charlie

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Cheeky Charlie has been on pins and needles for a week anticipating the annual tour of Sarnia's downtown by the Grade 1 class from P.E. McGibbon Elementary School.  He got extremely excited when Mrs. Poore, their teacher, lead the group into the front door of Cheeky Monkey for a tour of the store. He got even more excited when the kids all sat on the floor to have their picture taken with him and instead of saying "cheese" like most people do when they have a photo taken, they all hollered out  "CHEEKY MONKEY"!  It was awesome.  Cheeky Charlie had never heard the name of his home said so loudly - and with so many giggles after it too. As the kids left the store on their way to discover another downtown business, Cheeky Charlie helped Mary Anne and Roland hand out Cheeky Monkey stickers to each and every student and volunteer in ...


June 2012 Gallery Walls

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It has become a tradtion for the month of June to have the artwork of the RE-Generation Gap Collective adorned the back walls of Cheeky Monkey.  2012 marks the third year running. The exhibit  spans the decades of creativity with artists of all ages on display.  Each year, there have been new members added to the Collective under the guidance of mentoring elder Jessie. JESSIE J. Rabbitt  has been painting and creating wonderful art pieces for over 50 years.  Her inspirations come from all directions of the country with her main talent being the ability to see and capture colours where most only see bleakness. BRENDAN SCHIEMAN is a  self-taught polymath fromSarnia,Ontario, Brendan has painstakingly crafted a regimented style influenced by analogous greats like Pushead, Arthur Rackham, Glenn Fabry, Ed Repka, and Caitlin Hackett. With his works frequenting record sleeves and other band related memorabilia, Brendan's medium consists of pen, ink and water-colour. Fuelled ...