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First Friday @ Cheeky Monkey with BIG HIGHWAY & STEWART...

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August 7, 2021 - August 7, 2021 | Register Description: It's hot outside and so is the live music at Cheeky Monkey, Sarnia's downtown 'records and more store'.  Every month during the First Friday Cultural Walkabout, a band plays from 7:00 until 9:00 p.m. and a visual artist exhibit and show is hanging on the walls for all to enjoy.  For the August 7 First Friday, the local band "Big Highway" will be playing with the artwork of Stewart Wayne Fanning as their backdrop. “Big Highway” was formed less than two years ago in the rec room of one of the member’s in Corunna. Coming from diverse musical backgrounds and previous bands, it soon became apparent that there was a great chemistry and enjoyment playing together. It was agreed that playing for local charity fundraisers and community events would be the bands main focus. Featuring James McNaule on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Andrew ...


Electric Waves wow July First Friday crowds

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Electric Waves wow July First...

Review co-written by Owen Roberts (age 10 and now biggest fan of Electric Waves) Electric Waves is a band full of surprises. Made up of four young men, you might expect them to be playing hard rock or heavy metal, but they were a very calm band. There wasn't any heavy metal or rock as you think of it. They're a band that plays classic mostly original music that is quiet, but doesn't put you to sleep. Both their lyrics and melodies are complex.  Hearing them play is inspiring. The few cover songs they did became truly their own. "My Girl" and 'Wicked Games" were recognizable but definitely had their own stamp on them. The plan was to have their second CD ready for sale during First Friday. Unfortunately that didn't come to be, so we still have it's release to look forward to. In the meantime Electric Waves first CD is available ...


Front Counter “GREAT Deals”

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Check it out - GREAT DEALS on selected CD's, DVD's and Blu-Ray's sitting on the Cheeky Monkey FRONT COUNTER.  These prices in effect while supplies last - so get em fast.



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On Friday June 12 the constantly traveling Fred Eagesmith Show made a stop at the Sarnia Library Auditorium and Cheeky Monkey played a (small) part in making it happen. The night kicked off at 8PM sharp with a too brief set by Eaglesmith band member Tif Ginn. The singer/multi instrumentalist with a huge voice and commanding stage presence could easily headline her own shows. Hailing from South Texas, her set featured a modern/retro sound and her charming southern accent was perfect for songs like the standout of the set Little White Pills. Following a short intermission - giving everyone a chance to peruse the extensive merchandise stand,  the star of the evening, Fred Eaglesmith sauntered out onto the stage. He kicked off the set with I Like Trains, a song from his 1996 album Drive In Movie and followed with I Pray Now a song from Tinderbox. Tinderbox is one of his ...


Live music at & around Cheeky Monkey on ArtWalk weekend

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ArtWalk has become THE EVENT of the year in the downtown Sarnia. Before it officially begins, you can feel the excitement in the air. Along with the stores bringing some of their wares outside and all the booths filled with colurful, unique crafts and arts, there are delectable smells all around. Add to that the music and you have one heck of a wonderful festival. At Cheeky Monkey, outside we had our annual sidewalk sale of used CD's & DVD's in addition to our 'craftier side' showing with bowls we make from too scratched to sell vinyl records and hand knitted baby blankets by Roland's Mom Angela. All these items are available year round - but having them outside during ArtWalk attracts a whole new audience. Music, either recorded or live is an important element to Cheeky Monkey - for obvious reasons. Without much time to plan, we were thrown the ...


Dressed to Kill @ Cheeky Monkey - by Brian Hay

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First Friday at the Cheeky Monkey Featuring Dressed To Kill: Prelude to Sarnia's Artwalk for June 2015 written Monday June 8, 2015 by Brian Hay The first set the blues band Dressed to Kill played took off after a few songs when they paid tribute to the late B.B. King with an impassioned performance of his signature piece, 'The Thrill is Gone". The thrill was never gone for the blues giant as long as he was around and this band played it in such a way as to show it never would be gone for them either. Lead singer Keil Simmons delivered the piece as if he was singing to the heavens in the hope of making the great man smile and the rest of the members slid into their parts beautifully. Their start wasn't an easy one. They were tentative initially because they and their new drummer, Dallas Labarre, needed time and space ...


Kenwick-on-the-Lake Gets new look

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Friday May 22, 2022 - UPDATE... Almost a year later we did a visit to Kenwick-on-the-Lake Park with 3 of our grandkids during Victoria Day weekend.  It is a lovely park that the kids loved playing at.  Facing the lake is a large display with pictures of the old dancing pavillioin and it's interesting history.  Also has a list of all those who contributed to the new music theme play area - including Cheeky Monkey.  All we did was recommend Mike Blackmore when the producers contacting us asking for a musicain.  We knew he was an excellent builder too, so he was REALLY put to work.  Ironically, Mike posted the episode on Facebook today so I watched it for the first time.  Here it is for you to enjoy too.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH TVO KIDS program GIVER Friday May 2, 2022 UPDATE...  as reported in the lambtonshield.com -... TVO’s “Giver” program ...


Sarnia & Walk Off The Earth connection

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Sarnia & Walk Off The...

New WALK OFF THE EARTH album called "Sing It All Away' is due out June 16. (Now taking orders). This is exciting news for 2 reasons.  First they are an awesome band out of Burlington, Ontario.  Secondly is because of the cover art.  Local artist who now lives in Toronto, Jen Rome designed it!! Jen was one of the very early artists we displayed during First Friday here at Cheeky Monkey.  We were totally impressed by her and her work and just knew she would GO PLACES!  Congrats Jen on where your life journey has taken you so far.  We wish you continued success and fulfillment in all you do.


May 1st First Friday with Life Signs Review by Brian Hay

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Sarnia's First Friday May 1, 2015: Life Signs at the Cheeky Monkey Fun's the Word by Brian Hay The fun was an obvious ingredient even while the band 'Life Signs' was getting set up. The loose banter lead singer Wes Beveridge engaged their audience with showed they were ready to deal with whatever came up, run with things and make sure it was a good time for all. The easy rapport between instrumentalists reinforced that feeling as they led into a set of standards they sprinkled with some of their original work. Guitarist John Foster combined strong rhythm playing with tasty lead bits that augmented Lise Rankin's work on the keyboards nicely. Wes settled comfortably into splitting the lead singing chores with playing an acoustic guitar and bassist Glen Perry anchored his part of the rhythm section with lines that combined melody and timekeeping. Drummer Scott Elliot used his kit of electronic drums ...


Best day ever! Record Store Day 2015

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With the increasing reliance on the "cloud", it's nice to know that some people still relish having a "hard copy" of their data (i.e. music & movies). Record Store Day 2015 was proof we are still relevant. Over and over throughout the day, people were telling us they were happy to see the day was so successful - and successful it was. Our best day of business EVER! Having said that, we need to thank some of the people who contributed to the day in very big ways ... ... All the musicians who have played in our store and provided us CD's to sell over the years. Especially Borderlite Trio and Erika & Sara for playing at this years RSD celebration. ... Our amazing friend Maureen Murphy who with all of 5 minutes training from us, stepped in to be an honourary Cheeky Monkey for the day. ... New friend, Pat McGill who was ...