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Stopping In While Going From Point A to B

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Kevin Morningstar of Edmonton, Alberta and Josh Hughes of Ottawa, Ontario wandered into Cheeky Monkey while on a stop over for lunch.  They are 2 of the members of the Pacific Life Bible College on a 6 week tour performing song and dance in both the U.S. and Canada.  Sarnia was their stop between coming from Fort Wayne Indiana and going to Toronto for the Four Square Churches of Canada Conference.  From there they head to New York, Boston and the Maritime provinces. As the young men were looking around, we overheard one of them say "I've found heaven".   Which made us smile since we know he meant music store heaven - a very special and rare place. Just as this blog was being typed up and photo editing done, Kevin and Josh came back in with the whole gang of performers!  They wanted them to see what a real record store looks ...


Cheeky Charlie Meets Long Lost Relative

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Cheeky Charlie has many friends and relatives residing with him at Cheeky Monkey but none as big as Otto.  The Race to Erase mascot is a BIG gorilla that dwarfs little Cheeky Charlie.  Despite the size difference they are kin and enjoyed a nice visit together.  CC took time to show Otto around the store and encouraged him to do some shopping while here. The reason Otto dropped by, besides meeting Cheeky Charlie, was to see where the Race had been before.  Several years ago, Cheeky Monkey was on of the check in spots for the annual event.  Who knows, maybe it will be again this year. For those of you not familar with Race to Erase it is an annual fundraiser involving teams of four adults traveling through Lambton County by car and competing in fun-filled events along the way.  These events are designed to be not only be entertaining, but ...


5th Annual Record Store Day a HUGE Success

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WOW!!!  What a wonderful day Record Store Day was at Cheeky Monkey! The day started very early for us.  We along with friends Ross & Laurissa, made sure the table of snacks was ready along with the table of draw items and the wall of exclusive releases. When it came time to open the store at 9:30 a.m., we found there was a line up patiently waiting to be the firsts to scoop up some of the exlusive releases we got in and take advantage of the NO TAX sale.  Cheeky Charlie was at the door to greet one and all. We were thrilled that we we able to get so many of the exclusive releases this year.  Since they are VERY limited, we do not know until they are delivered exactly what we will get in from the 100's of titles we order.  Makes it feel sort of like Christmas morning. Marty Oblak ...



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    April 20th UPDATE... Look at that counter!!  Can you beleive RSD is one more sleep away!  Bought a whole whack of snacks for the 'refreshment table'.  All Cheeky Charlie's favourite foods - and none of them health.  Isn't that what a party is about - fun, music and junk food?! Tell you friends to sign up thru this website for our newsletter if they want to get the SPECIAL EDITION delivered tonight announcing our DEALS and EXCLUSIVE items we will have for sale. April 18th UPDATE... Lots to report today!!! The excitement is mounting!!!! First off, got a box of sampler CD's from Mint Records to use as part of our giveaways. Thank you Mint Records! Second - added another item to the draws thanks to Michele at Select  and she sent a bundle of posters to use as giveaways too. Here is the complete list of draw items... ...MARK LANEGAN test press LP … ALBUMS: Stories Behind 50 ...


Cheeky Charlie Learns About Love & Relationships…

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On Saturday April 14th, Cheeky Charlie attended the play I LOVE YOU, YOU'RE PERFECT NOW CHANGE! at The Imperial Theatre presented by Theatre Sarnia, directed by Mike Czechowicz. The official synopsis is... This musical explores the trials and tribulations of being single, dating, marriage, loss and heartbreak. In doing so, it takes on the truths and myths behind that contemporary conundrum known as "the relationship." It explores the journey from dating and waiting to love and marriage, while revealing the agonies and triumphs of in-laws and newborns, trips in the family car, and pick-up techniques of the geriatric set. The musical pays tribute to those who have loved and lost, and to those who have fallen on their face at the portal of romance.  Everyone can relate to this funny, mature look at relationships…you’ll leave the show thinking, “Were they talking about me?” When it says "everyone can relate" it is very true. ...


April 2012 First Friday Good Time Had By All

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It was a full house at Cheeky Monkey for the April 13th First Friday.  I know, the 13th was the SECOND Friday.  Good Friday fell on the FIRST Friday, and since stores etc can not be open that day, it was pushed back a week.  This happens everytime a stat holiday happens on a First Friday evening.  Sometimes it causes some confusion and the crowds are light.  Not for this month's event.  The weather was perfect and the streets, stores and galleries were filled with people! The band playing at Cheeky Monkey was Portrait of You.  This was the third time we've hosted them.  Exactly a year ago they played for the 2011 April First Friday (new tradition guys - let's book it now) and they played on the sidewalk outside the store in the summer when Bayfest organized an artist fair in the downtown to coincide with their rock weekend ...


Cheeky Charlie meets a Doe

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Wednesday April 11, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. is the opening performance of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  On her way to dress rehersal, Emily Wright, a cast member that is playing the part of a 'young doe', stopped in and chatted with Cheeky Charlie. The play is being presented by Lambton Young Theatre Players with 2 shows today, Wednesday, 1 afternoon matinee of Thursday and 2 shows on Friday - 2:00 pm matinee and 700 pm evening.  Tickets are still available at Cheeky Monkey.  Adults tickets are only $12.00 and students are $7.00.  For more info CLICK HERE.


March First Friday with Soul Patch & Pierre Houle

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It was a blustery, rain night for the March 2nd First Friday in Sarnia's Downtown Cultural District.  Despite the inclement weather, the fans of First Friday were out 'n' about and making Cheeky Monkey a priority spot to stop at.  The reason for that was the local band Soul Patch and the photographic artwork of Pierre Houle. This was not the first time Soul Patch has performed at Cheeky Monkey and we're pretty sure it will not be the last - at least we hope not.  There was one difference in the band from previous performances.  A new member in accomplished multi-instrumentalist Craig Seaward joined lead singer/guitarist/keyboard player Dwayne Cloes, electric and upright bass player Dave Doyle and drummer Lyle Graham.  Craig's electric guitar added an extra dimension and energy to what are already excellent original songs. It was certainly an appreciative audience that braved the elements to be here.  There tenacity was rewarded by ...


Erika & Sara Singing on a Saturday

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For three hours on the afternoon of Saturday, February 25, young singer-songwriters Erika and Sara performed on the Red Carpet Stage at Cheeky Monkey. Before the audience got too big, they spent a few minutes with Cheeky Charlie letting him sing along on a song with them. Their song selections range greatly with something to please every age group.  From Johnny Cash's 'Folsom Prison' to several covers from Adele's most recent album and the hit from Foster The People.  Erika's sweet emotion filled voice accompanied by Sara's skill on the acoustic guitar were especially pleasing on their version of The Beatles 'Let It Be'. At the start of their second set, Erika took a little longer break from singing while Sara played several songs solo on her guitar really showcasing her skills. Along with the many covers versions they made there own, were mixed a selection of some of their original songs. These ladies, are ...


Having Hope at Home - Review

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Cheeky Charlie, Roland and I were all set to go to the Imperial Theatre to see the current play HAVING HOPE AT HOME presented by Theatre Sarnia.  Unfortunately, I was not feeling well, so we decided not to go.  BUT thanks to  good friend, Barb Toye who did go, we have a review for you.  From the sounds of it, we missed an excellent play and performance.   The play runs until Feb. 25th. Having Hope at Home - Reviewed by Barb Toye The excellent interior set was evocative of a semi-shabby rural farmhouse under refurbishment, with a cozy bedroom to the left, kitchen at the back, dining table mid-stage right and loveseat in foreground. A jazzy classical guitar piece was played during the opening speeches which unfortunately overrode some of the dialogue a bit. Periodically through the play snippets of McGarrigle Sisters songs were heard, in reference to the leading man's ...