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Trivia Q & A # 7 - 2020

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Q. What raunchy comedian is sampled in the song “Unbelievable” by EMF?

A. “Unbelievable” samples Andrew “Dice” Clay saying “Oh,” followed on the album version by “What the f-k was that!” Clay also appears twice in the song saying, “It’s unbelievable.” These samples were taken from bits on his 1989 album Dice.
This song is about a girl who is “unbelievable” in the sense that she is very demanding and offers nothing in return - the singer feels he can do nothing right when he’s around her.
Tom Jones played this at some of his live shows, to the delight of the band. Jones performed the song with EMF on a British TV show where he told them about how he sang it in Vegas. According to the band, Jones got them really drunk that night.
This was used on the soundtrack to the movie Coyote Ugly.


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