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War, originally formed in 1969 and in the early days were fronted by Eric Burdon formerly of the Animals. War were one of the first multicultural bands whose brand of California soul, funk, rock and reggae crossed into Top 40, Rock and R&B radio across North America. Having had many million selling albums and numerous chart topping singles, their catalogue is now available at a special low price.

War // Why Can’t We Be Friends

TRACKLISTING: Don’t Let No One Get You Down / Lotus Blossom / Heartbeat / Leroy’s Latin Lament Medley: A) Lonnie Dreams; B) The Way We Feel; C) La Fiesta; D) Lament / Smile Happy / So / Low Rider / In Mazatlan / Why Can’t We Be Friends?

War // Eric Burdon Declares WAR

TRACKLISTING: The Vision Of Rassan / Dedication / Roll On Kirk / Tobacco Road / Tobacco Road / I Have A Dream / Tobacco Road / Spill The Wine / Blues For Memphis Slim / Birth / Mother Earth / Mr. Charlie / Danish Pastry / Mother Earth/ Eric Burdon, War / You’re No Stranger

War // Platinum Jazz

TRACKLISTING: War Is Coming! War Is Coming! / Slowly We Walk Together / Platinum Jazz / I Got You / L.A. Sunshine RiverNiger / H2 Overture / City, Country, City / Smile Happy / Deliver The Word / Nappy Head (Theme From Ghetto Man)/Four Cornered Room

War // The World Is A Ghetto

TRACKLISTING: The Cisco Kid / Where Was You At / City, Country, City / Four Cornered Room / The World Is A Ghetto/ Beetles In The Bog

War // The BlackMan’s Burdon

TRACKLISTING CD 1: Paint It Black Medley: Black On Black In Black / Paint It Black / Laurel & Hardy / Pintello Negro / P.C.3 / Blackbird / Spirit / Beautiful Newborn Child / Nights In White Satin 1 / The Bird & The Squirrel / Nuts, Seeds & Life / Out Of Nowhere / Nights In White Satin II

TRACKLISTING CD 2: Sun/Moon / Pretty Colours / Gun / Jimbo / Bare Back Ride/ Home Cookin’ / They Can’t Take Away Our Music

War // War

TRACKLISTING: Sun Oh Son / Lonely Feelin’ / Back Home / War Drums / Vibeka / Fidel’s Fantasy

War // Peace Sign

TRACKLISTING: Peace Sign / East L.A./ Wild Rodriguez / I’m The One (Who Understands)/ Da Roof / The Smuggler (The Light In The Window) / U B O.K./ Smile For Me/ What If / Angel / Homeless He

War // Outlaw

TRACKLISTING: Cinco De Mayo / Outlaw / The Jungle / Just Because / Baby It’s Cold Outside / I’m About Somebody/You Got The Power / Cinco De Mayo

War // Live

TRACKLISTING – CD1: Introduction by E. Rodney Jones of Radio Station WVON, Chicago, ILL. / Sun Oh Son / The Cisco Kid/Slippin’ Into Darkness / Slippin’ Part 2

TRACKLISTING – CD2: All Day Music / Ballero / Lonely Feelin’ / Get Down

War // Galaxy

TRACKLISTING: Galaxy / Baby Face / Sweet Fighting Lady / Hey Señorita / The Seven Tin Soldiers

War // Deliver The World

TRACKLISTING: H2Overture / In Your Eyes / Gypsy Man / Me And Baby Brother / Deliver The Word / Southern Part Of Texas/ Blisters

War // All Day Music

TRACKLISTING: All Day Music / Get Down / That’s What Love Will Do/ There Must Be A Reason / Nappy Head (Theme From Ghetto Man) / Slippin’ Into Darkness / Baby Brother





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