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Auditions for Evening of One Acts @ Imperial Theatre

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Theatre Sarnia AUDITIONS for another “Evening of One Act Plays”!
(This time there are so many directors we will be staging the plays over two nights!)

Audition Dates: April 10th and 11th @ 7:00 p.m. in Studio A (actors are encouraged to come both nights)

Directed by 7 new, local directors bringing fresh, edgier visions to the Imperial Theatre, Sarnia ON. stage, ranging from dark comedy to drama to the absurd.
Show dates will be June 14th and June 15th @ 7:30pm

Directors and their audition details below:

1. “Desert Places” written and directed by Doug Murphy
“Desert Places” involves a woman, Janet, who has lost her husband, and the confused reactions of her brother Andrew and best friend Jo to her apparent inability to grieve. Relationships are alternately brought together and pushed apart as Andrew and Jo try to navigate Janet’s needs.
Cast requirements:
male - 20s-30s
female - 30s-40s
female - late 20s

2. “The Unwanted” written by Walter Wykes and directed by Julie Cushman
They say the course of love never does run smooth and in Walter Wykes short play “The Unwanted” an evening of romance doesn’t go the way anyone would have planned. 2 Female and 1 Male. The script can be found online at
Cast requirements:
1 male - 20s-30s
2 female - 20s-30s (director is open to different ages)

3. “Lady of Larkspur Lotion” written by Tennessee Williams, directed by Ashley Carlisle
The Lady of Larkspur Lotion is a very short melodrama set in a decaying boarding house in the French District of New Orleans in the 1950s. Mrs. Wire, the harsh and world weary landlady, has come to collect the rent from her tenant, Mrs. Hardwicke-Moore. A fading beauty who has resorted to prostitution to make end meet, Mrs. Hardwicke insists the money is on its way from her “Brazilian rubber plantation”. Their argument is interrupted by the entrance of a fellow boarder, a writer and a better drunk who makes a case for the importance of illusion in a harsh reality.
Cast requirements:
Mrs. Wire: Adult female, any age
Mrs Hardwicke-Moore: Female, 30s-50s
The Writer: Adult male, any age
A New Orleans accent is preferred

4. “Babel Rap” written by John Lazarus, directed by Norm Francoeur
“Babel Rap” is a 20 minute comedy about an industrious worker and a contemplative smoker who are at work on the Tower of Babel. They argue about why they’re doing it and what will happen when it’s finished.
cast requirements:
2 actors (age - adult) (gender is not specific)

5. “The Summer People” written by Shirley Jackson, directed by Bonnie Guthrie
Set in the 1950’s, The Summer People by Shirley Jackson is a chilling story about a very friendly city couple who had been visiting their cottage on an isolated lake for decades. After leaving their cottage every year on Labour Day weekend, they decide to extend their vacation into October. This very taboo action leads to the actions of the townspeople to have unspoken shock and silent hostility. Strange occurrences start happening to them, ultimately isolating them from the rest of the world.
Cast Requirements:
(3 Women and 4 Men)
Robert Allison – “the summer people” (65+)
Janet Allison - “the summer people” (65+)
Mr. Babcock – Grocery store shopkeeper (40’s)
Miss Tilda Babcock – The grocer’s sister (40’s)
Mr. Charley Walpole – Hardware and general store (40’s)
Mrs. Larkin – Newspaper and sandwich shop (40’s)
Mr. Whiters – Kerosene and ice (30/40’s)
*All characters other than Robert and Janet Allison’s age aren’t indicated. Director is open to other ages.

6. “A Candle on the Table” written by Patricia Clapp, directed by Cal McKinnon
This play is a lovely look at the lives of three very different women who find themselves dining together on their first day in a senior’s home. Each of the women is unique and as with good theatre all is not what it seems. A fourth woman who brings them together and serves their meal is clearly the thread that joins their lives. their lives.
Cast requirements:
3 women retirement age.
1 women 50 (ish)

7. “This Is A Play” written by Daniel MacIvor, directed by Darryl Heater
“This Is A Play” is a comedy surrounding 3 actors in a bad play. A play within a play! Throughout the show, the actors are speaking their thoughts to the audience, all the while continuing to move through the blocking and disjointed dialogue of the play within a play. Missed cues, dropped lines, and moments that weren’t rehearsed - all things that anyone who has been in a production before can relate to. This show will require great comedic timing, experimenting with blocking, and a willingness to have lots of fun at rehearsals!
Cast requirements:
1 male(age 20-30, required to completely unbutton his shirt briefly), 1 female(age 20-30), 1 older female(age 40-60)
Ages are simply guidelines, as actors can be aged or made to look younger with makeup


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