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March First Friday has Strong Band: Big Highway @ Cheeky...

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March First Friday has Strong...

Powerful Set From a Strong Band: Big Highway at the Cheeky Monkey for Sarnia First Friday March 2020 by Brian Hay The energy that Big Highway projected throughout their set last night was the work of a band that’s strong in all areas. Frontman James McNaule has excellent control of his voice and also contributes strong rhythm playing that reinforces their musical foundation. Drummer Ric Brown provides timekeeping that’s solid and provides dramatic markings for their musical shifts. Up front, lead guitarist Andrew Germain combines strong rhythm playing with lead playing that’s delivered with impeccable restraint. Bassist Dave Johnston is their Rock of Gibraltar and the importance of his role in their scheme of things can’t be overstated. James, Ric and Andrew all have points where the main focus falls on them. Brown steps out of the pocket with flourishes that are thrilling. Andrew keeps his solos short but his imaginative concepts and ...



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POSTED MARCH 3rd - Every Saturday, Paul Knapp will be hosting an open jam from 2-6 at Dempsey Bar. Meat raffle begins at 3pm. Buy a bev and receive a ticket for the meat!! All jammers are welcome. Drink specials as well as the kitchen will be open. Come out have some fun. POSTED JANUARY 9th - The Sarnia Legion has a Jam Session every third Saturday from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Come by and listen or bring your instrument and or voice and join in . Posted Feb. 20 - temporarily not hosting Open Stage while renovations are going in the Turret Room. POSTED MONDAY, JANUARY 13TH - Open Stage resumes for the New Year at The Lawrence House Centre for the Arts - in the Turret Room upstairs. Happens on the 2nd Monday of the month and again next Monday, the 3rd Monday, with host Gregger Botting: Admission is free. Musicians, poets, storytellers, ...


Marinol Nation - Planning My Exit Strategy

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Marinol Nation –...

Released on CD February 14, 2022 As posted on Eli Martin's Facebook page... Thank you to Gary Webb, aka Gary 17, and Toronto Moon Magazine for reviewing our latest album, "Planning My Exit Strategy." Another dose of Marinol unlikely to pacify you | TorontoMoon.ca 200204Tu | Shows for Tuesday, February 04, 2022 February 4, 2022 Tonight’s performance by Marinol Nation songwriter Eli Martin at Linsmore Tavern will probably be his last. Because the Sarnia-based Hard Rock and Power Pop tunesmith is “Plannnig My Exit Strategy” he tells us on the title track of his fifth new album, officially being released March 7 but now available at the gig tonight. Fortunately despite a personal history of struggles with serious medical conditions, as we told you four years ago in reviewing his third Field Of Dreams album, it appears that the “exit strategy” being referred to isn’t the one people employ for final planning. Instead, happily, it turns out ...


Beer Store Money Heated Up Cold Feb. First Friday

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Beer Store Money Heated Up...

Beer Store Money Warms A Cold February First Friday At The Cheeky Monkey by Brian Hay Cold or not Sarnia’s downtown was still the place to be — the events hosted by local merchants guaranteed that. At the Cheeky Monkey the musical offering was good (as always) because Roland and MaryAnne know their stuff. More on that subject in a bit. Beer Store Money, the band featured for the evening, is an ensemble that has a lot to recommend them. Singer/guitarist Khrystopher Luther-Heath is strong on both guitar and lead vocal. His playing combines subtle lead ornamentation with a solid rhythmic foundation and his singing is never less than fiery. Melissa Miller is a phenomenal vocalist. In addition to having a great mezzo/alto timbre she makes good use of expressive shadings and has exceptional control over her pitch. The pair also harmonize well, which is always a plus. Marcus Moyneur is an acrobatic drummer ...


Sean Hogan - 7COME11

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Sean Hogan – 7COME11

Former Sarnia resident Sean Hogan has just released his 7th album on his label Barnstorm Productions. Being a CCMA award winning roots/rock singer, songwriter, and guitarist he never stops creating great music. Now living the dream out in B.C. Sean continues to write, record and tour always giving his legion of fans more to look forward to. This newest release is no exception and boasts an array of musical talent from far and wide to add that extra little something making this album a truly enjoyable listen over and over again.


4HATEU8 - Prophets of Grime

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4HATEU8 – Prophets of...

New 4 song demo CD called "Prophets Of Grime" for London, ON band 4hateu8 They are an old school hardcore crossover band they like to say is grimecore. They feel they have a very unique sound that is reflected on this CD. It is very energetic and powerful. 4HATEU8 are Corey Harvey Vocals, Keith Ruck Drums, Sandy Hoelzl Bass, Brian Doiron (B Rye) Guitar


Trivia Q & A # 3 - 2020

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Trivia Q & A # 3 –...

Q. What British band is named after the man who invented the seed drill? A.. The answer is Jethro Tull (1674-1741), whose invention revolutionized farming. But why is he the name of a flute-heavy prog-rock band known for their hits "Aqualung" and "Cross-Eyed Mary"? When the first iteration of the group formed in 1963, they were The Blades. They cycled through a series of names over the next few years because they weren't very good, and it was easier to get re-booked at clubs if they pretended to be a different band (this according to their frontman, Ian Anderson). But in 1968 when they got a regular gig at the Marquee Club in London, they had to settle on a name. Their agent, a history buff, suggested Jethro Tull, so they went with it. When they released their first single, "Sunshine Day," later that year, the label was misprinted "Jethro Toe." Video ...


1st First Friday of 2020 with Blackmore & Blackmore

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1st First Friday of 2020 with...

Mike Blackmore at the Cheeky Monkey: Inspired Playing on a Slow First Friday by Brian Hay If a First Friday has to be slow Mike Blackmore is one of the musicians who will bring some life to it. Whether he’s playing for one or a hundred, Mike gives inspired performances and genuinely enjoys putting music out there. It shows in everything he plays and he isn’t the only one. Mark Blaney will deliver the same way. The same holds true for Missy Burgess, Sue and George Webber, the Celtic Hillbillies and many artists who are both good and dedicated. Mike was the one on the spot this time however and he showed why he, along with many local performers are deserving of our respect. Always the relentless innovator he continually seeks new ways of exploring or presenting music. The use of looping pedals and the possibilities they offer play a role in ...



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With the popularity of vinyl records on the increase it's important to educate new converts to the format of the proper care and handling of their records. Records require a lot of special handling to insure that they last and stay in good condition.  Hopefully as a record collector you want to keep your records in the best possible condition. In order to do so, there are a few essential things to keep in mind. Cleaning the Vinyl It is very important to keep the vinyl record itself clean. Due to the vinyl record's tendency to easily build up static electrical charges, it becomes a virtual magnet for dust. It is recommended that you buy a brush for your records and use it on them every time before you play them and before you put them back in their covers to ensure they're not being put away with dust on them. Dust left ...


MISSY BURGESS & The Blue Train - Live CD

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Local musician, Missy Burgess teams up with 2 other local musicians, Dwayne Cloes & Wulf Van Waldo for this live recording of a performance at The Lawrence House Centre for the Arts Turret Room. CD now available at Cheeky Monkey