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Roland Getting Saucy with Evan

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Are you a fan of hot/spicy foods? Or just enjoy watching other people's reactions to eating it? Well then you need to watch local hot sauce fan Evan Dawe's show Getting Saucy With Evan. If you stop in to Cheeky Monkey on Tuesday, August 13th at 5:00 p.m you can watch as Evan and Roland test their tolerance and give their opinion on the sauce of the day in the hope of expanding your knowledge of what is out there in the great big spicy world. You can watch past & current episodes on Facebook (click HERE), YouTube (click HERE) and Instagram (click HERE) Tuesday, August 13 -  Roland got Saucy With Evan (Dawe) when they tried out and critiqued Hurt Berry Farms hot sauced called Charred Threads. For more photos in order of reaction to the hot sauce, CLICK HERE


Hot Blues with Dressed To Kill & Cool art by Bill...

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Hot Blues with Dressed To Kill...

August First Friday At The Cheeky Monkey: Dressed To Kill Brings Hot Blues To Sarnia’s Ace Record Store by Brian Hay The blues band Dressed To Kill has mostly worked as a four-piece group. To be able to perform the cuts on their album ’This Ol’Train’ the way they wanted to however, they added several musicians. That ensemble gave their first performance in March. Their second one was hosted by the Cheeky Monkey and it provided an evening to remember. The core of the band is still the same. Bassist Bruce Sleeuwenhoek and drummer Dallas Labarre form what can only be described as a silk pocket for the rest of the group to work from. Their contribution literally epitomizes front man Keil Simmons catch-phrase “stay classy folks”. Up front Keil and lead guitarist Jeff Turnbull play off of each other intuitively. Both deliver solo and lead passages that provide treats for the ear ...


3 CD SETS from PROPER BIG 3 @ Special Low Prices

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3 CD SETS from PROPER BIG 3  @...

Get em while you can!!!  3 - yes THREE CD's for only $9.96.  Some sets are themed - some are Greatest Hits from individual iconic singers/bands.  All are remastered and nicely packaged.  You will find them on display beside the GREAT DEALS WALL. Titles include... ... DEAN MARTIN ... CONWAY TWITTY ... JOHN COLTRANE ... CHET BAKER ... NINA SIMONE ... ELVIS PRESLEY ... FATS DOMINO ... JIM REEVES ... MARTY ROBBINS ... DION AND THE BELMONTS ... SAM COOKE ... HANK WILLIAMS ... DJANGO REINHARDT ... Various Artists - Drink, Drugs & Sex ... Various Artists - Surf! ... Various Artists - Ska Party ... Various Artists - Burlesque ... Various Artists - Rockabilly Revolution ... Various Artists - Texas Blues ... Various Artists - When The Levee Breaks: Songs That Influenced Led Zeppelin ... Various Artists - Doo-Wop ... Various Artists - Strictly Dance Party ... Various Artists - Kickin' Country ... Various Artists - New Orleans Gumbo


Free Draw @ Cheeky Monkey

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Free Draw @ Cheeky Monkey

Stop in to Cheeky Monkey to fill out a ballot for a chance to win an orginial painting by talented local plein air artist Bill Walters. Draw will be held on Saturday, August 31st No purchase necessary One ballot per person please


Imperial Theatre Sarnia Presents Dance Workshops

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Imperial Theatre Sarnia...

Hamilton Aug 24 2:00pm: Approximately 90min $15: Studio A at the Imperial Theatre CLICK HERE to register You’ve never had a history class like this. Come learn choreography in the style of the smash hit musical, Hamilton! Studio A is “The Room Where It Happens”. Don’t throw away your “Shot” to be there – come dance with us “One Last Time”.


Cool July First Friday with BobCatz

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Cool July First Friday with...

First Friday at the Cheeky Monkey: BobCatz Use Colour To Give Classic Songs A Shot In The Arm by Brian Hay “Life is like a box of chocolates — you never know what you’re gonna get”. That famous line from a well-known film (the name of which escapes me) is one that truly applies to the acts that the Cheeky Monkey brings to Sarnia’s First Friday Celebrations. They’ve featured performers playing from an array of genres with the only common denominator being that they’re good. With the BobCatz several of the musicians involved were familiar. Vocalist and keyboard player Robert Martin performed with the Casuals not long ago. Wulf Von Waldow brings his excellence on the saxophone to a number of local bands. Clarinettist and sax man Michael Murphy is prominent and anyone from the area who doesn’t know Mike Blackmore probably lives in a cave. Harmony singer Sue Furlotte and Sue Auty, who ...


WarwiK Rocks Cheeky Monkey in An Acoustic Way

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WarwiK Rocks Cheeky Monkey in...

June First Friday at the Cheeky Monkey: WarwiK Delivers An Acoustic Set With Punch by Brian Hay Guitarist Ian Wills was the first member of WarwiK to make an appearance. What he came up with before his bandmates joined in made it easy to see that he was very good. Bassist Kyle Carlos was the next to join in and he was impressive as well. This was very promising and nobody ended up disappointed. When singer and drummer Derek Reno completed the trio they lived up to the high standard that had been hinted at. Their presentation went from strength to strength. Kyle Carlos was comfortable with either the bass or the acoustic guitar. Ian Wills shifted effortlessly between lead and rhythm playing. Derek Reno was strong on the drums and marvelous when playing the electric guitar. The musical communication between the members was stellar. All of them were strong time keepers and ...


Paint Party with Moses Lunham

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Saturday, June 29, 1-3:30 pm, Lawrence House Centre for the Arts.  “Paint Party with Moses Lunham.”  $50 per person.  Each participant creates an original painting.  Contact Moses to register:  [email protected]



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First Friday at the Cheeky Monkey, May 2019: The Casuals Become Everyones’ Riders On The Storm by Brian Hay Many of their roles weren’t set in stone. Bob Martin handled the majority of the vocals but the lead singing was also taken up by David Wright and Bill Hines. Hines also delivered some excellent playing on the harmonica and took the lead guitar part a few times. The variety in their three voice types created interesting harmonies and made them a solid fit for classic rock that included material from the Beatles’ early period, chart toppers from the late 1950’s and even Country influenced songs like ‘Harvest Moon’ by Neil Young. The intuitive partnership between bass player Will McCuaig and drummer Al Wallace insured their rhythm section provided a strong foundation for whatever genre they touched upon. That’s just the technical aspect of what they offered though. First and foremost, they were fun ...


2019 Record Store Day Another Huge Success

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2019 Record Store Day Another...

Roland & I wish to thank all the customers who stopped in to shop on Record Store Day.  It was quite the event.   We had 100's of exclusive releases to offer plus free gifts for everyone and a snack table.   Also had several items for free draws. See list below. Have to give a huge heartfelt thank you to our friends and family who volunteered their valuable time. Without you there is no way we could have Record Store Day. In no particular order THANK YOU TO... Ross (Roland's right hand) and Laurissa Ellsworth (on cash checkout) John (door greeter & cookie pusher) & Hanna Hettinga (my right hand) Kevin McHarg (roving customer service & photographer) Our daughter Juanita (on cash checkout & giveaways) Our oldest grandson Dylan (ballot draw & giveaways counter) both of whom made the trip from London to help us out. Mike Blackmore for providing the live music Brian Hay (photographer & reporter) Lastly, thank ...